Cocoa [ADOPTED NOVEMBER 14] is one year old and still in the puppy stage. He is a very unusual color for a cocker. He appears to be a black and white parti color but has brown dogs in his heritage and has unusual brown markings mixed in his coat. He crates well and so far has had no accidents in the foster home. He gets along well with all of the other dogs from a 6 pound Chihuahua to 70 pound Aussie. He is interested in the cat but has not tried to hurt it. He ignores the small animals in his foster home. He loves to chew on raw hides. He plays with stuffed toys until he gets the squeaker out. He came from a Spanish speaking home and understands his commands in Spanish. He is in the process of learning English. He gave kisses when being groomed and was reasonably good as he may not have ever been groomed before.