Dickens [ADOPTED MAY 17] is an approximately 6-year-old male that was brought into Animal Control as a stray. He was thin and malnourished. Because he was severely matted it was necessary to shave him down, but when his fur grows back, heíll be even more handsome than he is now.

Heís an active, playful pup that loves people and gets along with other dogs in his foster home. He absolutely loves his toys and carries them with him everywhere. If he can find willing participants, heís always game for some tug-of-war. He seems unaware of the cataract in his right eye.

Next to playing, sitting on his personís lap is his next favorite thing to do and he will settle in nicely for a nap. Because he is housetrained, his foster mom has not found a need to crate him.

Update from Dickens' Foster Home:

Dickens has settled in and adjusted very nicely to his foster home and foster siblings. Heís really a very sweet pup and loves being around people and other pups.

He's also quite intelligent and has quickly learned some basic commands: sit, paw, down, go piddle, go poo, drop it (he likes to carry his toys outside in any kind of weather and hasnít yet learned to bring them back in!) and is continuing to work on off, stay and come.

Since running and playing in his back yard is one of his favorite things to do, Dickens is looking for a home with a fenced yard. He would welcome a home with other pups willing to join in some fun, but he can just as easily entertain himself with his toys or be content napping close to his favorite person. What is most important to Dickens is being in a loving home.