Say hello to Domino! Domino [ADOPTED JUNE 21] is an 18-month old, black male that was an owner surrender. His prior family adopted Domino approximately 8 months ago when he was one from a shelter in Iowa. He lost his best doggie-friend in January and has been suffering from separation anxiety to the point that the family did not know what to do for him anymore except to find a rescue that could help him deal with his anxiety and find a home with a new friend to bond to.

He is your typical young boy, full of energy and very eager to please. He is a perfect candidate for learning some manners, so we encourage his new home to take him to obedience classes. He does know the basic sit, off, and is working on his shake. His energy would be well spent in agility or obstacle courses. Domino is crate trained and housetrained. He is very loving, and is like a shadow waiting for a belly rub or head scratch. He loves to give kisses and snuggle with his people. He came from a home with cats and a child and reportedly attacked the cats, but did fine with the child. He has been bathed and clipped, rolled over on his back and had toys taken from him with no issues. He can be timid, but more than likely will be the one pushing his way to the front of the crowd for his share of attention! He does well with all five of his foster brothers and sister, but does sometimes growl when he wants something all to himself. It is more of a play growl and an easy to correct habit, as he is trying to establish just where in the pack he belongs. He loves to destroy tennis balls, and he adores playing tug with his monkey toy. He must go to a home with at least one playful dog already there for his anxiety. He will crate just fine if he is crated with his friend. He loves to sleep on the bed of his owner as well. Domino has attended one event already and was very popular with his big, brown eyes. He has already won the hearts of his foster family and foster sister Edith 081. They adore each other and make great mates! Perhaps you have room for both? :0) Check out her bio.