Jetta [ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 6] is a beautiful 2-year-old female who has been in this foster placement for a month. She is quite energetic, lovable and well behaved. Jetta responds well to everyone in the house, though she seems to take a special interest in her foster mom. She responds appropriately when told “no”, especially from her foster mom.

Jetta is housetrained, crate trained, and walks well on a leash. She eats, but eating is not the same pleasure for her as it is for the other dogs in the house: thus, treats as behavior rewards are not always effective. She clearly has had some training, as she completely understands reprimands and stops the behavior quickly. Jetta plays with toys, pulling the stuffing out of them, and enjoys chewsticks.

She gets along well with the other dogs in the house. She has not been cat tested. She is hesitant when meeting new people, but warms up quickly once she knows them.