JR [ADOPTED AUGUST 9] is a very sweet and mellow male Cocker (DOB 8/4/04) who loves to play! He is very good on walks and can keep up at a good power walking pace. He also likes jogging.

JR came to SCR from a puppy mill in northern Wisconsin and we’ve been working tirelessly with him to help him get over his fears from that rough start of his life.

JR loves to play with other dogs, gets along with cats, and does well with people he has bonded with. He is somewhat hesitant of strangers and prefers to meet people slowly and on his own time.

JR has attended several obedience courses and knows sit, down, leave it, off, stay (both in down stays and sit stays), comes when called, shake, go to bed, touch, wave, and is working on some new tricks as well. He knows verbal as well as visual cues.

This is a wonderful dog who is very deserving of a loving home to call his own. He will miss his foster home when adopted, but will quickly bond with his forever family.