Lacey [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 21] is a 4-year-old buff/white female (DOB 06/29/04). This foster home would love to adopt her but the city ordinances say no. When she came to rescue, I couldn't catch her and she would not come up to me. She gradually realized that I was okay and started taking treats from my hand. She has learned her name and I am requesting that her adoptive family not change her name... This is for Lacey's best interest as she's had so many totally life altering changes in her life since coming to rescue. When I call her, she comes running. Lacey has been to a few events and is still quite shy and timid. She will need a family that has patience and a securely fenced in yard. She loves to be outside and to run. She really hasn't played much with toys yet, but just was moved to another foster home, where she will getting more one on one attention. She is crate trained is doing well on house training. More will be added to her bio in the next few weeks.