Lola [ADOPTED MARCH 25] is a 5-month-old, Chocolate female who came into rescue when she was considered to be unadoptable because of some behavioral issues. We have found that the majority of these issues can be resolved with exercise. For that reason we will require a fenced yard for Lola. She will require lots of interaction with humans. She also tends to be dominant with other dogs so she would do best either as the only dog or with the dog that is larger. Her social skills have been improving as she has spent more time with other dogs. An obedience class is a must for Lola if her new home is to be a success. We are looking for a family that has done obedience training in the past. Lola is not a dog for a novice. She is very loving toward humans and seems to be O.K. around cats. She is crate trained and is working on housetraining.