Lulu [ADOPTED MAY 29] is a 3-year-old turn-in, but the shelter was given no reason for her owner turning her in. She was quite a bit underweight and the owner stated this was due to starting her on a new dog food. Lulu is now staring to gain weight, has been spayed and is ready for a new start. She is a friendly, quiet girl who loves to play outside but is also content to just lie quietly near her foster mom or dad. Lulu sleeps in her kennel at night, although she would much prefer not to. She settles down quickly, though, and sleeps through the night. Lulu is working hard on her housetraining and is almost accident free at this time. She is a very pretty girl who gets along with her foster brother and sisters and pretty much ignores the cats. She will make a good friend and companion and would also do well as the only dog in the house.