Poor Piper [ADOPTED MAY 16] found herself in a mid-Michigan shelter late last summer. When she came to SCR she was underweight at 16lbs, infested with fleas, had cherry eye and her coat was coarse, patchy and sparce in spots. As you can see, time has treated Piper very well.

Piper is roughly 2 years old and a smaller cocker with an ideal weight of approximately 20lbs. Her coat is now full, beautiful and very shiny. She is field coated and therefore won't require as much professional grooming as show coated Cockers. When professionally groomed, she does not like the clippers by her ears, but scissoring is fine. She loves to be brushed and pampered by her person.

Piper gets along very well with other dogs her size and smaller and has not met a human that she doesn't love. She can be a bit bossy with some larger male dogs, however.

She has a moderate activity level and would be well suited to almost any living situation. She enjoys laytex squeaky toys and natural bones. She is a bit clingy with her person and expects to have her spot next you on the couch. She is house-trained and crate trained. She has not had contact with small children and has not been cat tested.

Piper responds very well to her name and it is our hope that her new family will commit to keeping it. This little princess has really woven her way into her Michigan foster momís heart and parting with her has been very difficult.