Hello there, I must be royalty because my name is Princess [ADOPTED MARCH 28] and my foster mom treats me like royalty. This is the life and sure is a far cry from my old one. Do you remember the terrible flooding of the summer of 08? I sure do as I was a victim of it. If I could talk I could sure tell you stories. Part of the story goes like this, I was living in a barn in Iowa and I sustained an injury to my left eye. When my owners were traced through my microchip they didn't want me! So I came to rescue where my wonderful foster mom had my eye checked. They said I had an injury and also glaucoma in that eye. So the rescue had it removed so that my forever family won't have to worry about it at all. And the nice doctor said it's "secondary glaucoma" so my other eye won't be affected! Good thing because I want to have one eye! I do have a cataract in my good eye, but I can still get around as good as dogs with two eyes! And I'm still a youngster at 5 years!

A lot of people judge books by their cover though and they just see that I have one eye. What they don't wait to find out is that I'm a sweet girl who lives up to my name. I would like a nice home with or without other dogs, I don't care. But I would like a nice loving home to spend my days in, I think I deserve it! I love to be around my people and love to love them up! Please consider adopting me and don't let my "disability" bother you at all because I sure don't let it bother me! I'm housebroken and my foster mom says I don't need a crate because I'm trustworthy!

Love, Princess