Pumpkin [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 14] is a 3-4 year old female who came to us from a shelter with a 99% kill rate. The shelter is in the heart of Amish country and we believe Pumpkin was a breeder in a puppy mill. Most likely her litters were too small or her puppies died. Normally dogs stay in the mills their entire life. She was only with us a few weeks before she got over her initial shyness. She is very intelligent and really wants to please. She has not begun to play with toys yet but that will probably come later. Dogs of her background never know what it is to be a puppy. Although she sleeps in a crate at night, she has taken possession of one of the dog beds in her foster home and does not want to relinquish it to anybody. I am sure it is the first thing she ever had in her life. She is crate trained and does very well on housetraing. Her foster home does have a doggie door so she might need some work in a new home. She will need to have a securely fenced yard in her forever home.