Snickers [ADOPTED MARCH 14] is a buff 5-year-old male who was adopted out in 2003 as a young pup, but was recently returned due to the declining health of his adoptive family. Snickers gets along well with people, dogs, and loves to play with toys and balls. Snickers sometimes can be a little food possessive with other dogs. Snickers knows sit and down, and is also crate and house trained. The best home for Snickers would be one that likes to make sure their dogs get lots of playtime and exercise as hes still a young dog at 5 and loves to get exercise! Snickers is a tall boy and has a full, natural tail.

Update from Snicker's Foster Mom: Snickers is a very happy dog and has a lot of energy. His tail never seems to stop wagging except when he is sleeping. He gets very excited when you come home, but will eventually calm down! Then, he will either be sleeping at your feet, or chewing on something. Snickers loves to chew on a durable nylabone - he will chew on it all evening while I am watching TV. He loves to get a new toy and will play with it until he gets another new one. He will bring you a toy or ball and put it in your lap, then sit and wait for you to throw it for him. He does get possessive of his toys and balls with other dogs, but he only growls and has never snapped. Snickers is crate trained, but gets very hyper and anxious when he is in one. He is a very good dog, so I no longer feel the need to crate him. He is a counter surfer, but he has never pulled anything off. I think he just wants to see what is up there. He will sleep in bed with you, but will stay at the foot of the bed. If he is not on the bed, he will be on the floor at the foot of the bed. He does sleep on the bed during the day with my Cocker. Snickers does not seem to like very small children, but seems fine with kids 10 and up as long as they don't grab at him or move too fast near him.

Update from Snicker's Foster Home on January 30: Snickers completed his basic obedience in December. He knows sit, down, leave-it, off, stay (sometimes), can crawl and bow. He is very strong, so still needs some work on walking nicely. He still has a lot of energy and can get crazy running around the house. He likes going for car rides, but prefers sitting in back.

This is Snickers with his new Mom and Grandma.