Sparkey [ADPOPTED JUNE 17] is a two-year-old black male who was surrendered to a southern Illinois shelter because he played too rough with the families three year old. We are requiring an all adult home for Sparkey. The shelter he came from has a very high euthanasia rate. The animals are only held for three days. Any care after that is provided by volunteers out of their own pockets. Fortunately for Sparkey there are wonderful people in the Chicago area who have made it their mission to save these unfortunate dogs. A week does not go by that they don't bring van loads of dogs up to the north where they can find homes. One of these caring people found Sparkey. He now has a bright future instead of facing certain death. Sparkey has a wonderful temperament but still does play like the puppy he is. He is crate trained and we are evaluating his housetraining. Sparkey is NOT good with cats.