Tina [ADOPTED MARCH 27] is an adorable 4-year-old who was found running in the woods in Northern Wisconsin with another Cocker, Libby081. Both were either dumped by a puppymill or escaped from one. Both came to rescue timid and fearful but Tina far more so than Libby. Libby moved onto her forever home last fall but Tina has required more time in rescue and more time in a foster home with one on one attention. Mill dogs require a foster home where a lot of patience and understanding with them is demonstrated. They can not be push or rushed through the process. Tina is still a scared little girl but is showing so much improvement. She is starting to trust her Foster Mom more and more. She is 90% house trained. We are still working on the leash training, as she really doesn't like that.

Tina will require a forever home that will be very patient and understanding with her. It will take her sometime to adjust to a new home and new people in her life. She needs to be given some space and time to approach you when the time is right for her. Because she is so fearful, we are requiring a securely fenced yard for her and another dog already living in the home. She needs another dog living in the home so that she can follow that dog's lead and feel more secure.