Tucker [ADOPTED JUNE 20] is a 10-month-old, Sable puppy (DOB 6/13/08) that is very friendly with everyone. He does growl when meeting a new dog at first, but gets over it quickly. He will need some work in this area. He can be protective of his people around other dogs. The only toy he has paid any attention to so far has been a tennis ball. He has shown interest in chewing on our shoes a couple of times but he is a puppy and puppies need to chew. He can not determine things that are safe for him to chew on, so needs his human's help to determine that. He is crate trained and crating him when he can't be supervised along with providing him with plenty of safe things to chew on will prevent him for chewing on things that he shouldn't have.

Tucker seems to be potty trained, but he can go out whenever he wants as his foster home has a doggy door. He caught onto the doggy door very quickly. He likes to get his belly scratched and to wrestle. He's been trying to get my dogs to play with him, so would love to have another playful dog in his forever home. He has already learned to sit and is working on down. As with all young dogs, we highly recommend some type of obedience classes for him.

Tucker is a puppy and has some puppy energy but seems to mellow out in the house. He does love being outside and exploring the backyard. He has the short muzzle so his nose looks like it's crinkled up.