Valentino [ADOPTED DECEMBER 13] came to us from a suburban shelter. He is estimated to be 5-years-old. He was found as a stray as is quite thin at 18 pounds. We have been crating him but that seems to be a new experience for him. We are still evaluating his housetraining skills. He is a very sweet dog and gets along well with everyone.

Update from Valentino's Foster Mom: Valentino is living up to his name.

He loves sitting on my lap and appreciates tummy rubs the most. He also loves running and playing with my female, Lilly, and going for walks to meet all the neighbors.

He has had three consecutive days without an accident in the house. He seems to be acclimating to the food now. We are still working on having Valentino let us know when he has to go outside. Mostly we have been watching and making sure he gets outside on a regular basis and then we have walked in the yard with him (sometimes putting him on a leash) to make sure he stays outside long enough to get his business done.

He is going to be an awesome dog for someone!!