Jake 101

Jake [Adopted 12/1//2010] is a 3 year old chocolate male who came to us from an IL shelter along with a group of cockers.
He loves to play ball and never gets tired of retrieving it for you.  

Update 12/11/2010

Jake has been with us for a couple weeks now and he has settled in well.  He is a sweet loving boy who loves attention.  He is housetrained and crate trained and sleeps quietly in his crate at night. He gets along well with the other dogs in the house. He greets everyone with enthusiasm and will need some more work on not jumping up on people when they come home.  He loves to play ball and loves to run in the snow. When he first arrived he made a dash outside when we opened the door. He did not get far but we have been working diligently in training him to stay back from the door when we are coming and going.  He is doing very well with that training.

Jake will also need to be carefully watched when outside. We have a 6' fenced in yard, but the side gates are 4-5' and he figured out how to jump the gates.  He now goes outside on a long lead and he does just fine with that.  If given the opportunity, Jake will help himself to food on the table and I have caught him standing on the table a few times.  We now just make sure to push in the chairs and then we have no problems. 

Jake is a quiet pup who does not bark much.   He was here a week before I heard him bark.  Jake likes to lay at our feet when we are on the computer and loves to snuggle when we are watching TV.  We have not seen ANY agressive behavior from Jake.

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