Banjo 101

Banjo [Adopted 12/31/2010] is a 3 year old Sable male that came from a Wisconsin shelter.   Banjo is a little timid around strangers unless there are other dogs around, then he'll be all over you.  He is very quiet and I have not heard him bark yet.  He likes to play with tennis balls and will chase them, but won't necessarily bring them back.  Instead, he will run around the yard playing with it by himself.  Banjo is crate trained and doing well on his house training, but does occassionally have an accident, especially right after getting a big drink or if he is stressed.  He gets along with other dogs, including large ones.  He likes to sit in your lap and sleep on the bed with you, and will wrestle with you and roll on his back in the mornings before getting up.  Banjo has learned to sit and lie down, and is working on Off and Leave it.  He likes to chew on nylabones and rawhides.  Banjo has been very good for grooming and getting his ears cleaned.  He may try to get away from you, but has never snapped.

Because Banjo is shy around people and can get spooked by loud noises, a fenced-in yard would be best for him.  He is scared of getting in the car, but once in there, he settles down pretty quick.