Bella [ADOPTED MARCH 31] is a sweet, 7 1/2 year old dog with an undocked tail that is always wagging. Bella's only owner recently became very sick and felt that it was in Bella's best interest to find a new home. Bella is completely housetrained and gets along well with her foster brother and sisters. Initially, she will bark at at a new dog, but then they adjust just fine. She sleeps either in her open crate or on her dog bed. She loves to be outside and will chase the ball, but never brings it back! She has not been cat tested. She has never attempted to jump on the furniture or beds, but that may be partially because Bella would be more agile if she lost about 10 pounds on her new diet. She weighs 42 pounds. Bella obeys "sit", "come", stay" and will give you her paw. Just like humans, sometimes on rainy days, the joints ache a bit, and Bella will occasionally limp, but it doesn't keep her from enjoying walks or going up and down stairs numerous times each day. Typical Cocker, she hunts the garbage for tissues and paper towels to rip apart and will occasionally unravel the toilet paper roll. Bella adjusted quickly to her foster home and we all just love her.