Carly [ADOPTED JANUARY 16] is a 3-year-old female that came to Shorewood from a commercial breeder in Tennessee. Carly is a timid girl who has come a long way and will continue to thrive in a calm, patient, loving, and positive environment.

Carly is crate trained, housetrained, and gets along well with other dogs and cats. Carly has recently completed her second dog training class and is very, very smart. She knows her name very well and we ask that her forever home please not change it. Carly is getting over her shyness around men, but bonds to women immediately and is her foster mom’s shadow. She would likely do best with a woman as her primary caretaker. Carly has recently shown an interest in a few toys (mostly fleece and balls), and likes rawhide.

Due to Carly’s timid nature she MUST go to a home with a securely fenced in yard of wood, chain link, or vinyl construction (NO invisible/underground fences). Homes that do not meet this criteria will NOT be considered. She is a dog that thrives with others, and would do best in a home with at least 1 other dog. She also will need a crate in her forever home because she is trained to know that is her “safe place.”

This picture is of her at her class being the smart little princess that she is.