Charley [ADOPTED MAY 1] is a 16-month-old male who is all puppy! He is a rare blue merle parti-color with blue eyes. He was surrendered to rescue because his owner did not have time for such an active puppy. He loves to run in his fenced yard and chase the birds and squirrels. (He really does need a fenced yard). When not out chasing something Charley will run through the house squeaking his toys. He does have a tendency to chew up some of the softer ones. He is a very talented boy who plays fetch, sits for a treat and answers to his name. If something fits in his mouth, he will fetch it.

At the end of the day after he is worn out from play, he is content to sit on his foster moms lap and go to sleep.

Charley adores humans but might not do well in a home with a dominant dog. He feels that all toys are his and has no problem taking them out of another dog’s mouth. He is a dog that should go to an obedience class. The training will help harness some of his energy.

He is crate trained and housetrained.