Connor [ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 4] is a totally adorable 6 to 7 month old puppy. He came to us from a big Chicago shelter after being picked up as a stray. Connor is working hard on his housetraining and doing better all the time but still has a few wetting accidents. He gets along with his foster siblings and other dogs he meets on walks. Is showing interest in the cats in his foster home in a wanting to play type of way, however the cats have no interest in that.

Connor is a puppy so will need plenty of safe items for him to chew on and supervision to ensure that he is only chewing on safe for him items. We are recommending a basic obedience class for him. He is doing better with sit and come, but needs more work with "leave it" and not being distracted on walks by things like bunnies, birds and squirrels and wanting to chase them. He is a typical, inquisitive puppy and will need outlets for his puppy energy.