Cooper [ADOPTED JUNE 11] is an 8-month-old male who came to us from an Iowa shelter where he was found tied to the front gate. He is a very happy puppy whose natural tail is constantly wagging. He gets along well with the other Cockers he has met and is crate trained. We are currently evaluating his housetraining. More as we get to know him.

Update from Cooper's Foster Home: We are highly recommending some type of basic obedience class for Cooper. He is a typical high energy, inquisitive puppy who will take some reining in and someone who will reinforce rules and boundaries for him. He is a puppy and will need plenty of safe and appropriate items to chew on and to be closely monitored to ensure that he's only chewing on those things. He's doing well on housetraining and has only had a few accidents but those were on really, really wet rainy days where no one wanted to brave the back yard. We are working with him on letting us know when he has to go out. The past couple of days he has started going to the back door and barking to go out.