Corky [ADOPTED AUGUST 9] is a ten-year-old male who was originally adopted in 2004. He was returned to rescue by the owner's widow. According to her, he had housetraining issues, which her vet described as separation anxiety. This has to be the most over used term in veterinary medicine. The vet actually gave the poor dog Prozac. Needless to say we did not keep him on Prozac and he has not a single accident in the house since he was returned to rescue. One of the issues which we see over and over is that dogs have accidents when their owners refuse to go out with them. Cockers are extremely social dogs. They want to be with their human. If you just send them out the door they will come back looking for you. That is the case with Corky. If you go out with him, he takes care of business right away.

Corky is housetrained. Although we do not crate him, he does fine with a crate. He gets along well with the other dogs in rescue.