Daisy [Adopted 10/24] is a lovable, black/tan, 5-year-old female who came to us from a commercial breeder. She is experiencing a totally different type of life style now and so much is all brand new to her. She is extremely shy and frightened of anything that is a new experience to her and of anyone new to her. She has bonded more with her foster mom and is increasingly starting to trust her other foster family memebers. She relies on the other dogs in her foster home for cues as to what is expected of her.

As she adjusts to our home and our dogs, she is becoming more interested and curious to try new things tearing paper, taking things left on the floor, and chasing squirrels in the backyard. Daisy loves to carry dog toys around as well! She craves attention from those she trusts, and is happiest when sitting on our laps. She is a very gentle dog who only wants to please and to feel secure in her environment. Daisy needs a very calm, quiet, patient, positive approach.

Daisy is crate trained and housetrained. When in her crate, she will let us know that she has to go outside but hasn't picked up on letting us know when out of her crate, so you have to watch signs that she wants out or ask periodically. Daisy really needs to be placed with a family who has at least one other dog so that she can bond to that dog and take cues from that dog. We are requiring a securely fenced in yard for her because like other dogs from her prior life, she startles and spooks very easily.