Dudley [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 20] came to us from a metro-Detroit animal shelter. A nice lady happened to see him when she was there getting a Brittany and knew he had way too much potential to leave behind. She felt his adoption possibilities were limited due to his cherry eye.

Dudley arrived at his SCR foster home in February, where he received vetting needs and had his cherry eye fixed. Hes now in tip-top shape. We are guessing his age at 3 years.

Dudley is crate trained and housebroken. He loves sitting on your lap and would prefer to sleep with you at night. He is still a bit of a puppy at times and will get into mischief on occasion. His new family will need to keep this in mind and place tempting items out of his reach. Dudley loves to chew on bones but will play with balls and other toys as well. He recently graduated from beginning obedience and immediately began intermediate. He is a very smart boy and is doing really well in class.

Dudley has a great disposition and is just an all-around happy little guy. He gets along well with most other dogs as well as the cats in his foster home. Dudley will need a forever home with a securely fenced yard and one which will also ensure he gets plenty of exercise as he can be a high energy dog.