Joey [ADOPTED JUNE 6] is a lovable, affectionate 2-year-old male. He is energetic and puppy-like. He thrives on human attention, is calmed when petted, and is happiest when sitting in someone’s lap.

Early in life, Joey’s right hip was broken. As a result, his right leg is slightly shorter than his left. He doesn’t seem affected by this in the least; he runs, walks, and jumps without hesitation. One positive result of this is that he doesn’t jump up on people or up onto taller furniture, as it is hard for him to stand on one foot and propel himself with that foot. While Joey is usually ravenously hungry, his weight will need to be monitored so his hips will be able to support his weight as he gets older.

Joey is completely housetrained. We are working on training him to walk on a leash, as well as to sit on command. He seems to understand the word “no”, but being young, doesn’t hold on to that concept for long! He enjoys chewing socks, shoes, towels, paper, etc. that he finds in his reach so will need to be monitored and have plenty of safe things available for him to chew on.

Joey has shown some possessive behavior toward other dogs. We see this especially when he is eating, playing with toys, and chewing chew sticks. As a result, we have him eat in his crate. He is also in the crate when we are not home, and during the night. He has adjusted to this well.

Obedience class would be of huge benefit for Joey. That and some work can help him overcome his possessive tendencies. At this time he is best placed as an only dog.