Sully [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 21] is a 3-year-old, sable male who has been in this foster home for two weeks now. He came to rescue heartworm positive and has since received treatment and now tests heartworm negative. As with others who receive treatment for heartworm, he will need to continue to take monthly heartworm preventative medication year round.

Sully is a very friendly, active, young dog, who loves human attention. He gets along well with the other dogs in our house, though he can be a bit possessive of his toys. Sully would probably be best placed as an only dog, or in a house with other cockers or cocker-size dogs. He has appeared to be fearful of larger dogs.

Sully is crate trained and, after some initial instances of marking his territory, appears to be house trained. He has not been cat tested. He seems to understand “no, down, sit”, and is now responding to his name. He walks well on a leash, and enjoys being outside.