Vivian [ADOPTED JULY 24] is a 2-year-old female who came to us from a large urban shelter where she was picked up as a stray. She obviously was once someone’s much loved pet. If only she had a microchip then, her fate might have been different. She is a petite girl who could has been on a weight reduction plan since coming to rescue and could still stand to lose just a few pounds. Vivian is a very smart girl who needs an owner who is a pack leader and will love her enough to give her some rules to follow and boundaries. We're highly recommend that her new home take her to some type of basic obedience class. She is a very obedient girl but the class would really help to establish and enhance a good master/dog relationship. Not a doubt that she will be a star in her class!!

Vivian does sit on command and will shake hands for a treat. Loves her tummy rubs and doesn't hesitate for a second to roll back for them. She loves her people and whenever her foster dad is home, she chooses to be close to him and follows him everywhere. She's very good with her foster siblings but doesn't always like to share the attention with them. We are working on that. Vivian is housetrained and crate trained. She's not being crated in her foster home because there's no need to. However, she does eat in her crate only because that's what fosters do here. My older guy tends to attract a lot of help with finishing his meals and I want him eating what he's given. Vivian gets very excited at meal time and then runs to her crate and waits inside as I head there with her bowl. She is a very sweet girl and will make a wonderful pet for someone.