Baxter 101

Baxter [Adopted 4/23/2010] is a 3 year old buff and white male who came from an IL. shelter along with a group of other cockers.
Update from Foster home 1-14-2011
Baxter has been in his current foster home since December 5th and has been an absolute pleasure. This very gentle, lovable, carefree pup loves everyone he meets and everyone loves him.  He has a very lay-back personality and is happy just to be with his people and/or four-legged friends.
Tennis balls are his favorite toys and he loves nothing better than retrieving them for you. He’ll then drop the ball at your feet and stare at it until you pick it up and throw it again.  He has a moderate activity level, can be content to be a couch potato and has just discovered how nice it is to curl up on a human’s lap.
Baxter is a little larger cocker and is working on gaining a few pounds to reach his ideal weight of about 30 lbs. Because he is a little larger, he can be a bit of a counter surfer. Other than this occasional “bad habit”, this huggable teddy-bear is one super pup!