Johnnie 101

Johnnie [Adopted 7/10/2011] is a 3-4 year old male who came to us from a Wisconsin shelter where he came in as a stray.    He is an active boy with a natural tail.   More as we get to know him

Update from Foster Home 3/26/2011

Johnnie thinks he “owns the place” now.  He has truly found his place in the group of dogs we have here.  He is getting along well with both of my dogs and has welcomed the two new foster dogs (Emma & Cody) into the group.  He loves to play outside with both Emma and Cody.  He enjoys spending time outside and is a good “citizen” in the house.  He has mastered sit, stay, come, down and shake.  He is ever eager to please.  He still likes to take toys and bones outside and hide them.  He has encountered, with the help of my two dogs, a possum and a skunk.  Fortunately, he was not the “lead dog” during the skunk encounter and managed to escape with only one bath!  As for the possum, he decided it was not much fun as soon as it played dead. 

johnnie101p  johnnie101d