Annie [Adopted 5/5/2011] is a beautiful, buff female that is 6-years-old. She came from an Illinois shelter and they believe she came from a breeding facility. She was deemed no longer useful so they dropped her off. She was a timid little lady when she first came in, but now she is sort of the “class clown”, loving any and all attention she can get, positive or negative. She is very food motivated, making her an excellent candidate for some obedience classes with her new family. She loves to keep her foster mom on her toes, finding ways to get to the food, open containers, and open doors. The top of the fridge seems the safest place for food and the garage is the safest place for the garbage can. She is very clever.

Annie has dry eyes and will need eye drops in her eyes daily for the rest of her life, but lets you give them like a champ.

Annie would do well either as a solo act or as part of a doggie family; she gets along with her foster siblings and people with no problems to report. She is housetrained and crate trained. She does not like to be left behind, and if you leave without her she will let you know on your return just how unhappy she is with you. She sleeps with one eye open so you cannot escape her attention for long and she loves to share her love with all.

Annie would best be suited for either a retired single person or couple who can spend much of their days with her. Or possibly an active family that likes to take their pup places with them and can work with her on the separation anxiety issue. She is ready for her new family and her foster family will miss her terribly whenshe is adopted.

Foster Home Update
In the time that Annie has been with us she has blossomed into a happy go lucky, loving little girl.  She must have been a wonderful mommy to her pups....One time I forgot to put the gate up where my guinea pigs were at the time....I found her in with them as I have an open cage for them....but instead of causing any harm..Annie was nuzzling them around gently. She gained a huge part of my heart that day.  Annie has learned love is great and asks for pets occasionally now without being invited.  She is happy all the time, her tail almost constantly wags. She loves to go shopping in their toy box searching for the perfect toy to chew open and pull out the stuffing...I think she does this so she can laugh at me as I pick up all the pieces of stuffing at least once daily.  She loves to sit on the padded wicker box under the window and watch passers by in cars or walking. Her coat has grown back over time and has a nice shine to it. Never once has Annie ever shown any form of aggression to her foster sisters or anyone (child or adult) that has come to visit.  She is happy to greet anyone we happen upon on our walks with a great wiggle butt. She is not constantly tugging at the leash anymore, but always hold on tight because if a squirrel or bunny is seen on her walk, her hunting instinct kicks in full bore. She absolutely loves to go "bye bye" , a ride in the car is one of her favorite things.  If you do not like your girl always at your side then Annie is not for you. She follows me even in to shower.  She does well at the groomers and is good for me when I care for her ears and nails. She has calmed down immensely from when she first came here...and has gained the title of " AWESOME ANNIE" here.  Annie will still keep you on your toes at times but that is just who Annie is...the forever home Annie is so deserving of will be very fortunate to have her...she will be missed greatly at her foster home.

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