Bonnie [Adopted 5/29/2011]is a 5 year old red/white female who came into rescue from a breeder.  She is not typical of a puppy mill dog since she is very friendly and social.  She is a bit skittish of some everyday noises in the household but gets over it quickly. Bonnie is crate trained and sleeps quietly in her crate at night.  Bonnie also takes her naps during the day in her crate. She has gone from a dog who layed in her crate all day to a dog who enjoys getting out in the yard for some exercise. Bonnie is working on her housetraining since she did not know what the outside was, much less grass.  She has made great strides in the last week and will even go out to the grass to do her business. She seeks attention and is very loving.  She loves to run in the yard with the other dogs.  She does not have an agressive bone in her body.  Bonnie has a bit of weight to lose...when coming into rescue, she was literally taken from her puppies. She is a wonderful, playful, sweet dog who will lick and lick you until you are clean  :-)