Cody 111

Cody [Adopted 4/12/2011] is a 1-2 year old Chocolate male who came to us form an Animal Control facility in the south.  He was found wandering by the side of the road.  He is a beautiful dog who obviously has some good breeding behind him.  He is not the kind of dog that someone would dump.   Considering he was quite shy it is possible that he was purchased to be used as a stud dog in a commercial breeding operation and somehow got loose.

Update from Cody’s foster mom

We have had Cody for ten days now and he is finally getting adjusted to a routine.  He does really well with the other dogs, although he is a bit timid with humans at first.  He loves to play the “come catch me” game when he is outside.  Unless there is a compelling reason to bring him in, I have been letting him stay out until he asks to come in.  I have learned that he will bark at the back door to ask to go outside.  He always plays before he accomplishes his purpose for going out.  He is crate trained and sees his crate as a refuge when he gets overwhelmed.  When he is inside he comes readily when he is called.  Walks reasonably well on a leash, but could use a little more direction there.  He has had the run of the house and loves to be petted and will give your face a generous licking.  He also loves to run and chase in the yard with both Johnnie and Emma, our other foster dogs.