Copper 111

Copper111 [Adoped 12/21/2011] is a handsome, 3-5 year old, red cocker who was in a shelter for a long time in Chicago. A Shorewood volunteer made the drive to to bring him into rescue. The volunteer took care of cleaning him up, getting grooming, and get him vetted. He had to be shaved down and treated for sever flees. After he was well on the way of healing from the flee damage he went to a foster home. Once he was at the foster home he found out being a dog was a good thing. He was able to run in the fenced yard and go for walks on a leash. He has been working on his manners, and along the way stole his foster mom’s heart. The final clincher was the day Copper found an opossum in his fenced yard. The opossum played dead and Copper claimed it by peeing on it and walking away!
Copper is being adopted by his foster mom Congratulations, Copper and Julie!