Daisy 111

Daisy [Adopted 11/5/2011] is a beautiful 2 year old red cocker. She has a beautiful thick coat of dark red/gold fur that is luxuriously soft. Her coat was cut quite short, but will be just beautiful when it grows out and is groomed to a "cocker" cut. Daisy has got a
great loving personality and lots of energy. She loves getting her head and belly rubs, especially in the morning. You
can tell that she was well loved by her previous owner, who passed away recently. She's been fine at home alone and
her whole butt wags when you get home. She's so happy that you are home, she would lick your face off if you let her.
She does bark to let us know that we have company, but quickly invites the new person to be one of the family. Daisy is
both crate trained and house trained. She is distracted easily, so it is best if her person makes sure she does it outside
before coming in. She does not like the crate but has been happily sharing a doggy bed with Sarah and sleeps through
the night. She would probably like to sleep in bed with us, but is happy to be close by in the bathroom behind a gate.
audreybDaisy loves to chase bunnies and squirrels so a fenced in yard is best, but we don't have a fence so keep her on a long
lead. She also loves her toys, especially if you throw them for her and squeaky ones. Daisy travels very well in the car,
curls up in the back seat (but prefers your lap) and falls asleep.