Emma 111

Emma [Adopted 4/12/2011] is the third of our Cockalier puppies. She is not the typical red/wht but is black.  ( Mom is  chocolate) She came into rescue with Jasper and Lindsey.   She is a typical puppy who is full of energy and just wiggles all over.  She has an adorable little face.  She does shows more Cavalier in the face than the other two puppies.  Needless to say she has a natural tail.

Update from her foster mom.

Emma is learning more every day.  She loves to romp and play as any six month old puppy would.  She sticks pretty close to Mom when she is inside and loves to make a bid for my lap as soon as I sit down.  We have made significant progress with her as now she will sit and wait to be invited onto my lap.  She is crate trained and spends her nights in the crate so she can settle down and sleep.  She also spends a little time in her crate when we are out of the house.  She loves to chew and has found every bone and rawhide that Johnnie buried under the snow in the back yard this winter.  She is a bright little girl and a quick learner.  She comes when she is called (and has been referred to as “Princess Emma” and “Tinkerbelle”).  The Tinkerbelle reference comes when she stands on her hind legs and pirouettes for a treat.  I am not sure this is deliberate, but she seems to like that better than “sit”.  She needs extra encouragement to sit still as she is still a little wiggler.  She does love to sleep on “mom’s lap” when she can.  She does help to get everyone in the house up and moving every day.