Gabby [Adopted 2/25/2011] is a Black/Tan, 3-year-old female who has cataracts in both eyes.

Update from Gabby's Foster Home:

Gabby is a wonderful little dog.  She is a very low maintenance dog.  She understands "no" and will stop whatever she is doing when you tell her no.  She always comes when you call her even when she is outside not on a leash.  She may prefer to be investigating something but if you call her, she will come.  Unlike most cockers, she does not dig in the garbage.  Also, she does not beg when you are eating.  She'll sit or lay there quietly hoping......  She is a very good car rider and you never hear a peep out of her.  Although she has been diagnosed with hyper mature cataracts, we have noticed absolutely no deterioration of her sight.  Gabby is also a dog that loves consistency.  Anyone who adopts Gabby should understand that there may be an adjustment period before she adapts to her new home.  When you pet her, which she loves, she feels just like silk.  When out for one of her daily walks, there are people who come out to pet her or give her a treat.  She likes anyone who makes a big deal out of her.  I don't think she likes other dogs, though, and would probably prefer being an only dog.  I think anyone who adopts Gabby will be making a good choice.