Jasper 111

Jasper ( Adopted 4/9/2011) is a 6 month old 15 pound Cocker/Cavalier cross ( Cockalier). He came into rescue with his two sisters and his Cocker mom.   His owner was on his way to a puppy mill auction and fortunately lost his way.  Fate was on Jaspers side.  Rather than spending the rest of their lives  in a puppy mill as breeding stock the four dogs found their way to rescue.   

Jasper is an energetic puppy who loves to play although he is just as happy to be on your lap.  He is crate trained, however we are not crating him as his house training is going well.  We let him out frequently so he hasn't learned to signal when he needs to go out. He understands sit, stay & no.  He isn't real great on the stay, though.  He walks fairly well on the leash & enjoys his daily walks.  Wherever you are, that's where he will be.  He isn't a barky dog although he does bark appropriately.  He always barks when he hears other dogs on the television bark.  He loves playing ball & will bring the ball back to you.  He loves to chew & like a small child, puts everything in his mouth.  We also give him 16 oz. water bottles when they're empty & he has a great time chasing them around & trying to get the cap off.