Jordon [Adopted 3/13/2011] is a 4-year-old male who came to us from a shelter with a high kill rate. He is an extremely intelligent dog who will need a master who can outsmart him. He has tremendous prey drive and for that reason cannot go to a home with cats or other small animals. If he has a choice of getting a treat or chasing a bird or squirrel he will chose the bird or squirrel every time. He will bond closely to his human and will follow you everywhere.

If you are not a neatnik, Jordon will make you one. He loves to take bags off the table. When they say paper or plastic in the grocery store, they must be talking to Jordon. He will reply: either. If you set traps to catch him in the act, he is smart enough not to fall for them. He had best be kept busy. If he is given a nyla bone, he will occupy himself for hours. He is a gentle dog but would do best in a very active household. If you are up for the challenge, Jordon is a great dog.

Foster home update 11/25/2010

Wow…Jordon is an awesome dog.  He gets along well with my two dogs .  He enjoys playing in the yard and chases the flashlight beam around the yard.  I think I have figured out how to get him tired out without too much exertion on my part.  He will chase the light until I get tired of playing.  So he comes in and sleeps!!!  He still enjoys chewing and loves toys, especially the squeaky ones.  He always has one toy or another in his mouth, which is not a bad thing.
…. I found that I can carry an empty plastic bag around and even crinkle it at Jordon and he is not lunging at it….or jumping for it….maybe he has decided I am the “treat lady” and I have better things than plastic bags for him.