Lindsey 111


lindsey and boston  Lindsey [Adopted 4/10/11] has a new home and new name "Lady". She has a new big brother named Bosko a large springer spaniel who was also adopted. She's very happy to be in her new home, tearing around the house at full bore and sniffing everything out.  Lucky for Lindsey the house is a ranch style as she never quit got the hang of stairs. 

Another of the “cockelier” puppies, Lindsey (Adoption Pending) (aka, Jelly Beans & Freckle Face) who came into  rescue with Jasper has been a lot of fun to have as a foster puppy.  She is an active, curious, loving, eager to please little snuggle bug. She is crate trained (sleeps the whole night in her crate and can be crated when we’re gone during the day up to 4 hours so far), and is doing very well on her house training.  She is taken outside regularly and we’re just beginning to read her ways of communicating to us that nature calls.  Like her brother, Jasper, she is a quiet dog who never barks unless prompted by our own dog that there is something going on that is “bark worthy”.  She loves chasing after balls and chewing on her toys, which will keep her occupied for long periods of time.  She gets most of her cues from our own cocker, and follows her around like a dutiful little sister, watching and learning the ropes.  We believe Lindsey would be good  with other puppy tolerant dogs as she loves anyone who pays attention to her.  She’ll make some forever family a wonderful little companion.