Max 111

Max [Adopted 4/30/2010] is a petite (18 lbs) 2 year old buff male that came in to rescue urban shelter.  Max likes everyone he meets, although he will bark at strange dogs until he gets up to them, then he is best friends.  Max is house trained and crate trained, but he doesn't like being in the crate when you are home and will let you know.  Max likes to be where you are, so will follow you where ever you go.  He likes sleeping on the couch or on your lap, and will sleep at the foot of the bed at night.  Max likes to chew on nylabones, rawhides and rope toys, and will also chew on material, especially blankets, and will steal your socks if you leave them lying around.  For this reason, he is crated when we are not around.  Max also likes to wrestle and chew on your fingers or toes, but he is very gentle when doing this.  Max already knows how to sit, lie down and shake with both paws.  He is also learning Off and Leave It.  Max loves to go for rides in the car, and will lie down and fall asleep as soon as the car is in motion.  Max likes running in the back yard with his foster siblings, and would love another dog to play with.  He has a lot of energy, so needs someone that can help him expend it.