Max111 [Adoted 11/15/2011] is a 6 year old Cocker who came to us from an Illinois Animal Shelter.  He is a bit of a shy guy until he gets to know you. 
He is a quiet dog, until he spots children or a neighbor dog.  Then he wants to play and is vocal about getting attention.
He loves to run and play in the yard and gets along well with his foster siblings. 

We are still working on housetraining issues, but he has come a long way.  He is finally getting the idea that he needs to let someone know that he needs to go outside.
However, he just goes to the door and stares at it (as if it will just open for him).  He loves to give kisses and hugs and will follow you everywhere you go in the house.
He definitely qualifies as a “Velcro” dog.  Even though he gets along well with his foster siblings, he is intimidated by more assertive types of dogs and would do best as an only dog.
He is crate trained, but does not like it very well.  He has the run of the house most of the time and does well.