Mickey 102

Mickey [Adopted 4/16/2011] is a 6 to 7 year old tri color male. He came from a southern shelter with a high kill rate. There is no information on his background. He is a bit underweight so we are working on putting a few pounds on him. He is a very inquisitive and active boy. He loves his daily walk and is mesmerized by the recent snow. Knowing that he is from the south, makes us believe that this is probably his first encounter with the snow. His foster parents are pleased with his progress with house training. They don’t think he was an inside dog previously but someone is home during the day in his foster home, so he makes frequent trips outside to take care of business – He has an occasional accident in the house. Certainly the 3 other dogs in his foster home have helped him to learn that you can get a much better treat if you do your business outside. He is crate trained and has learned the command "sit" and is working hard to master the command "shake". Mickey has dry eye and will need drops in his eyes for the rest of his life.

MICKEY UPDATE 01/10/11 Mickey continues to do well on his housetraining. He has put on a few pounds now and has an amazingly soft coat. However, mischievous, he comes when he is called. He is as playful as a puppy so whoever adopts this sweetheart will need to have plenty of toys (especially balls) in the house for him to play with. He fills his bed with toys and then curls up with his treasures. He has never chewed on anything that wasn’t a toy. He is a very bright boy.  He gets along well with his 3 foster siblings and is very good with children.