Molly [Adopted 7/3/2011] is a pretty little, buff, 3 year old cocker girl who is smart, energetic, inquisitive and affectionate. She enjoys her two walks daily and is doing well on her leash manners. Molly likes to be close to her person, but also enjoys spending her time being on lookout and alerting others of strangers as they pass by. She can be timid with new people and has had some submissive wetting, but we have been working on proper introductions between her and her new acquaintances to overcome this. Molly is house trained and has been good at signaling when she needs to go outside. She is also crate trained, but always has a person at home with her, so crating has not been necessary. Molly has a high prey drive so needs to go to a home with no cats or other small animals.