Patches 111

Patches [Adopted May 27,2011] is a 4 year old  Black and Tan female who came into rescue with her friend Lady.  They are from a commercial breeder who is probably cutting down because of the new dog laws.  She is a tiny cocker weighing about 18 pounds.  I would like to see her gain a pound or two.  She and Lady are great friends but she is not quick to warm  up to other dogs.  She is improving in that respect.  As far as humans go , she loves everyone she meets.  She can be protective of her “treasures” such as the bone she has dragged into her dog bed.  She is perfectly willing to share with humans.

She is crate trained and has mastered the doggy door in her foster home..  She will probably need some reinforcement in a new home.  She can  be a bit of an alarm clock when it is time to get up in the morning. or when it is time to be fed. .  At this time she appears to be field coated but in the case of so many dogs of her background with good nutrition they surprise us and grow a lot of coat.