Sasha 111

Sasha [Adopted 2/12/2011] is a delightful,beautiful white and
beige 8 year old. She is a tiny girl about 12 pounds. She was a mill dog used for breeding most of her life and can sometimes be shy. She is very good and well behaved. I have 3 other cockers and sometimes if she is lying on her dog bed and they come by, she will growl but she will usually stop after the first correction. Sometimes I do have to correct her a second time. I do feed her separately as she is food possessive and will also growl if they come by her when she is eating. Keeping her separate during feeding time has worked out quite well and
there have been no incidents. Most of the day they all snuggle together. While I do not have to crate her at night or when I go out she can be crate-possessive when she is in a crate. When I go out she just curls up on her dog bed or my
chair and sleeps. She is house broken. She loves to be held and gives kisses. She likes to go on walks and ride in the car, everyone who has met her says she
is such a sweetheart.  She is a wonderful little girl