Shelby [Adopted 3/6/2011] is a very pretty 2 to 2 ½ yr. old red and white female that was found as a stray showing signs of neglect. At 15 ½ lbs., this tiny girl is working on gaining 4 or 5 lbs.

She is an energetic playful little pup that loves to chase tennis balls, run and explore in her back yard. She has become best buddies with her fellow foster pup, Baxter, but can sometimes be a bit too playful for her “more mature” foster brother and sister. When inside, she can occupy herself chewing  hard toys but especially loves being with her people.

She loves her people and very much wants to please them. She is doing well learning some basic commands and would benefit from continued training. Because she is field coated she will not need frequent grooming.

Shelby has really blossomed within this past month. Her house training is going very well and she is starting to let her people know that she needs to go out. She's quite an intelligent pup and now knows sit, stay, off and is working on down. Her strong desire to please makes her a quick learner.
Although she's energetic and loves to run in her yard, she's also content being inside chewing on hard toys, but especially loves curling up on her person's lap. This little girl will flourish in a loving home and will return this love tenfold.