Shiloh 101

Shiloh [Adopted 4/19/2010] is 1-2 years old male with a beautiful black coat.

Shiloh recently arrived from an Illinois shelter with a few others. He is a very sweet boy who prefers women currently, but is warming up to men.  He gets along very well with dogs of all sizes.  Shiloh will benefit from an obedience class as he still needs additional socialization.  An obedience class will also help with his anxiety of noises and fast movements. He is able to go over our 4 foot gate so he is currently on a play lead.  He is fine on the play lead but for added security a fenced yard will be required.

Shiloh is doing very well.  He has become very social and friendly. At night you will find him curled up on the sofa with his foster dad and foster doggy sister, Amy.   Since the warm weather has arrived, he LOVES to play ball outside. He will bring the ball back for you to throw again and again. The one picture is of him "waiting" for the ball to be thrown.  He is very comical when waiting for the ball.  He loves his foster doggy sister and brother and will run through the yard with them.  He comes ALWAYS when called and is very obedient. He continues to sleep quietly in his crate at night.  Shiloh does not have to be tied on the play lead all the time. When we are outside with him, he is off lead and enjoys playing in the yard.  Shiloh is a very loving and gentle boy !!