Bulldozer [Adoped 10/28/2012] is a wonderful, black male who is 2 years old. Bulldozer comes to us from SC and was a stray in a shelter with Cooper122. They have become best of play partners. Bulldozer is a larger cocker, hence his name, but he is a sweet and gentle boy. His main goal in life right now is to play, eat, play, sleep, play, potty, play, eat, repeat… He is a wonderful boy and his foster home thoroughly enjoys him. He is crate and house trained, but really does not like being in a crate, and given the proper dog toys keeps him occupied while his people are gone. Bulldozer loves being close to his people and on the bed snuggled in is his favorite place at bedtime. Bulldozer has quite a nose on him and a fenced yard would be best for this boy to keep nature out and Bulldozer in. BD, Dozer, Bull, whatever you call him, he is ready to be your boy for life! Have you got a spot in your lives for him?